Dating and Relationships

1745851667Paul* came to me in his mid-30s, wanting to be in a relationship.

He had a good job and plenty of friends…

But what was missing in his life was a long-term relationship.

He had dated a lot in his twenties but never had a relationship that lasted more than a few months. As more and more of his single friends paired up, got married, and had kids, he felt more depressed and desperate, wondering what was wrong with him or if he’d ever find love.

He was burnt out on the dating apps and wasn’t sure what to do next.

We looked at his relationship role models.

Paul’s parents had an acrimonious divorce when he was a toddler and remained bitter enemies, using him and his younger brother as leverage against each other.

Through this difficult experience, Paul unconsciously internalized the message that love and relationships are scary and painful.

We made an inventory of his past relationships.

We discussed what worked, what he found attractive about the people he dated, and why the relationship ended.

As we worked, we identified and dispelled some of Paul’s limiting beliefs about how he was unlovable and how painful relationships had to be.

I helped Paul build up his relationship self-esteem.

We looked at the many things Paul had to offer in a romantic relationship: he was kind, nurturing, adventurous, and had a quirky sense of humor. Paul was a great listener and longed to share his life with a partner.

Together, we formulated a plan of action.

This gave Paul new energy to get back into the dating world. Instead of treating every date like a marriage referendum, he saw it as something fun to do. He no longer felt crestfallen when he didn’t get a second date.

I gave Paul lots of support and some guidance as needed. Within a year, he was seriously dating one person who eventually became his boyfriend.

2269045369Let me be your dating guru!

As a certified Deeper Dating Coach (based on the book Deeper Dating by Ken Page), I have studied the common blocks that get in the way of finding love and creating and sustaining a healthy relationship.

After ending a 25-year relationship, I know firsthand the emotional rollercoaster of the dating experience. I have successfully applied the Deeper Dating keys to my quest for love and a committed relationship.

Integrating the principles of Deeper Dating, I coach men and women through the dating process and into a committed relationship. We look at dating myths and limiting beliefs (such as I am unlovable, I don’t deserve a healthy relationship, I am not enough or too much, all the good people are taken) that get in the way of finding love.

I also help my clients discover their core gifts – what makes them special and unique – empowering them to feel more confident in dating and honor their core gifts as they search for a mate. Then, I coach my clients on cultivating and maintaining a healthy relationship.

I am here to help!

Let’s uncover unconscious blocks preventing you from finding a loving relationship.

Call today. Let’s talk more about how I can help during your free consultation: (917) 922-2650.

*The above name and story are a fictionalized composite of real clients I’ve supported.