Individual Therapy

2212354191I hate my life!

You feel stuck. Romantic relationships never work out for you.

You find yourself numbing out with destructive behaviors that only offer temporary relief.

You often feel different, ashamed, lonely, less than, and helpless. You don’t always feel comfortable with your sexuality.

Anger, depression, and anxiety weigh you down and keep you stuck like a ball and chain.

Are you ready to overcome your obstacles and realize your dreams?

I can help you feel empowered, make the necessary changes, embrace your authentic self, and start living the life you deserve.

I’m glad you’re here.

If you’re anxious or depressed…

Drinking or using substances too much and can’t stop despite your best efforts…

If you want to be your authentic self but are afraid to…

Or you feel like your sexuality or gender identity is getting in the way of your happiness…

I’m here to help.

2248555295Jake* came to see me in his early thirties.

He felt stagnant and lonely, telling me he was “just going through the motions and sometimes contemplated suicide.”

Nothing was going right in his life.

He didn’t have a boyfriend and rarely dated. He had a couple of friends but no one he was super close to.

He wasn’t happy about his body and binged with food and drinks on the weekends.

He had an abusive boss and was underpaid at his job in the entertainment industry.

Jake and I sat down and talked about his dreams.

He wanted to be in a healthy, loving relationship with a man and have a job where he felt appreciated and was paid well.

He also wanted to be closer to his family and friends. He believed his parents knew he was gay, but they never discussed it.

From there, we looked at what was getting in the way of becoming his best self.

We did extensive work on his self-esteem and identity as a gay man, exploring his internalized homophobia and shame.

Then, we brainstormed what he could do to feel better about himself and his body, have closer relationships, and get a new job. We talked about his binge eating, and he learned the necessity of taking in the right “emotional nutrients” daily.

2253334871In a short time, Jake felt more empowered.

He stopped drinking and started to eat better.

His depression went away.

He made new friends by joining an LGBTQ pickleball league and volunteering.

He began having conversations with his parents about his sexuality, and to his surprise, they were both very supportive.

As his self-image and self-worth improved, he lost weight and started dating.

He’s now looking for a new job where he’ll feel appreciated and well-compensated.

I’m here for you.

I have helped countless members of the LGBTQ community (and straight people, too!) find peace. I can help you, too.

Let’s look at your goals and empower you to achieve them. I’ll give you the emotional support and guidance to help you imagine and develop a new you.

It’s time to embrace your authentic self and start living the life you deserve.

Feel confident enough to be your true self in any scenario.

Connect with the people who mean the most to you.

Go after the things you want without worrying about what society wants.

You don’t have to do this alone. Let’s get started today with your free consultation: (917) 922-2650.

*The above name and story are a fictionalized composite of real clients I have supported.