Teens and Family Therapy

172147079What happened to my easy-going, sweet child?

My teen is constantly pushing a boundary.

It seems like we are always fighting.

I am concerned about my teen experimenting with sex and unhealthy compulsive behavior.

My teen is driving me crazy!

If any of this resonates, I’m here to help you, the parent, your teen, and your family.

I’m a parent myself, so I get it.

I have two wonderful adult children, adopted at birth. My journey to parenthood wasn’t easy, and being a parent was even more difficult.

I can’t remember how often I said something like, “Okay, Daddy needs a timeout,” at which point I adjourned to my bedroom to take deep breaths.

That was on some days; other days, I felt like jumping off my living room balcony!!

I chronicled my struggles (and joys!) in my book Gay Dads: A Celebration of Fatherhood.

Let me guide you through the emotional rollercoaster of having children and being a parent.

When your teen is driving you crazy….

I have several strategies to help you find sanity.

Understanding what your teen is going through – the delicate balance (and unconscious fears) of separating and adulting but still wanting to be a child.

I’ll validate their outer and inner emotional worlds, underscoring their strengths and building their self-esteem.

My goal for teens is to help them discover their superpowers – so they can shine and thrive!

2014559798I want you to have a healthy relationship with your teen.

I’ll help you see the big picture of what your adolescent is going through developmentally and how you can best support her without feeling like you are losing it.

Learn how to normalize your teen’s behavior and not react.

Refocus your attention to affirm the positives.

I also work with teens!

I’ll help them express their emotions and have a healthier relationship with their parents and peers.

We’ll talk about validating their emotional world, underscoring their strengths, and building their self-esteem.

My goal for teens is to discover their superpower – to get in touch with those hidden strengths that will let them shine and thrive!

Reconnect with your teen today.

Call me if you are ready to form a new relationship with your teen that feels more positive and uplifting.

I offer a free 15-minute consultation: (917) 922-2650.